Alexander Hans Collado Jr.

Ateneo De Manila University

Landing that Elusive UX Gig: Jobs, Internship, and Others

Level of Experience
Advanced (+5 years)
Speaker Background
I am currently a UX professional with academic, professional, or practical training in UX.
Application of User Experience and Human-Centered Design Concepts in areas such as: Games, Finance and Health
Presentation Talk

User Experience Research and Design is probably one of the most sought after positions in today’s job market. Everybody wants to have one of “those people” but not everybody knows what it means or how to handle such teams. As the number of open positions related to UX continue to increase, the same goes for the number of people who want to be in the profession. What does it really take to be a UX professional?

This panel session will discuss sub-topics such as:
- What classes should you take to prepare you for a UX job?
- What skills should you acquire to make yourself competitive?
- What preparations should you do for that UX job hunt?
- What are common Interview Questions and Requirements?
- Are there any portfolio do’s and don’ts?
- Tips and Cautions from veterans in the field

The panel will be moderated by Alex Collado and will be composed of:
- Jennifer Teves, PhD (Veritas Technologies)
- Mikki Phan, PhD (Google/Alphabet)
- Paul Sherman, PhD (Kent State University & Sherman UX)
- Samantha Cruz (Proudcloud)