Samantha Yuen

Foolproof Singapore

Stepping into our users’ worlds

Level of Experience
Advanced (+5 years)
Speaker Background
I am currently a UX professional with academic, professional, or practical training in UX.
Application of User Experience and Human-Centered Design Concepts in areas such as: Games, Finance and Health
Presentation Talk

We’re getting better at understanding users – more teams across Asia are now testing apps and sites with people. However, summative research such as usability testing only tells you if users can complete tasks successfully on the interface. This is useful but not enough, especially if you’re expected to make big improvements with limited resources. To truly determine if your solution solves the problem, if you’re even working on the right problem or how the solution fits into your users’ lives, you also need to conduct formative research such as interviews and ethnographic studies to dive deeper into behaviours, needs and attitudes. We’ll walk through a case study on how I ran contextual inquiries in customer homes with a global health company, and share techniques that you can use to:
- Talk to users in their natural environments
- Manage observers during such interviews
- Engage stakeholders throughout the process