Yian Ling Cheong

Thoughtworks Singapore

Raising the fundraising experience with Singapore’s Project Tintin

Level of Experience
Advanced (+5 years)
Speaker Background
I am currently a UX professional with academic, professional, or practical training in UX.
Application of User Experience and Human-Centered Design Concepts in areas such as: Games, Finance and Health
Presentation Talk

The social sector face challenges like workflow efficiency and data management, compounded with limited budget and lack of technical expertise. Project Tintin tackles this problem head on by introducing technology and user experience design as enablers of processes.

Project Tintin, an initiative by The Disabled People’s Association, aimed to streamline the community service event when scores of volunteers, carry metal tins and approach people on the streets for donations in exchange for a sticker (a flag). The association struggled for years with paper-based, error-prone and laborious processes to handle logistics on flag days. Our solution drop registration time per person to less than one minute while providing instant-access to the tin’s status - no guessing on who has the tins, and how many left. We will share how we integrate the design process into the digital solution and how we can maximise the value we bring to the social sector with smart implementation of digital tools.